The Trick or Treat Radio Ginormous Giveaway Fundraiser!


To raise funds for our upcoming move into our new studio space and to help our soon-to-be podcast network get off the ground we are having the first ever Trick or Treat Radio Ginormous Giveaway! For each ticket purchased, we will add your name to a spreadsheet, assigning you a number for each entry. The more times you enter, the better the odds that you will win. At the end of the contest, we will use a random number generator to select the winner. The prize pack will start out small and as we hit certain monetary milestones will reveal more prizes. There will be one grand prize winner, with a consolation prize for most donated and a runner up.

Your donations will help us get squared away in the new studio space by paying first/last months rent and buying us much needed equipment. We will need a new computer, internet, headphones and new microphones. Every dollar spent on our store- whether you're buying merch, digital goods or raffle tickets gets you an entry. This contest is open to anyone. So spread the word to your friends, fans of horror and anyone else that might be interested!

 The fundraiser will end at midnight EST December 31st. A winner will be selected LIVE on Trick or Treat Radio on Wednesday January 6th!


Film Prize Pack

Artsploitation Films Prize Pack

Artsploitation Films Prize Pack

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Donate to unlock

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