Johnny Wolfenstein

Johnny Wolfenstein is one of the founders and hosts as well as the producer of Trick or Treat Radio. He also is the head of media for The Deadites and the creator and engineer for the Grand Guignol Network of podcasts.



MZ is widely known as the vulgar guru of horror, he has appeared in several Morbid Vision Films including Blood Pigs, Fetus, Morbid Tales and Septic. He is also a one-time contributor for HorrorHound Magazine!

Michael Ravenshadow

Ravenshadow is the chainsmoking, handkissing, babyshaking, comic book reading nerd and official smoke machine for Castle Wolfenstein. He has been known to skip out on watching films and has a photographic memory of back issues of classic Comic Books.


Reserve Members


Tiny Wight

Tiny is known as the Dark Samurai of Swing. He is the katana wielding, synth collecting, mask wearing composer and songwriter for The Deadites. A founding member and former host of Trick or Treat Radio, Tiny has focused his attention to building the most ridiculous synth studio known to man. He still appears now and then on the podcast.


Dynamo Marz

Marz is not only the immortal gunslinger, singer and lyricist for The Deadites, he is one of the founders of Trick or Treat Radio. You can hear him on his other podcast The Five Hossmen Wrestling Podcast.