Halloween 2013 Press Release

Immediate Release

The multimedia machine known as the Deadites return to The Lucky Dog Music Hall for the unprecedented 17th Annual Halloween Extravaganza on October 26th!

An event chock full of dance music, candy, ghouls, prizes that features a lineup of headlining quality bands! Joining The Deadites and co-headlining the great evening will be legendary synthpop band Teeel! Also coming back this year will be the nerdcore hip-hop stylings of Beaver McD vs. Captain Insidious! Kicking off the evening will be Rhode Island EBM/Industrial act, Day Twelve and Worcester’s own hip-hop maniacs, Anarchy Nation! If The Deadites’ world famous costume contest and award winning live show were not enough, they've also done a limited pressing of their critically acclaimed EP, The Big Scary Monster Hunts at Midnight. The EP was previously a digital only release, but will be available on CD at The Halloween Extravaganza for as long as supplies last. (https://www.facebook.com/events/171723826350466)

With over 65 episodes under their belt and a full fledged podcasting studio at their disposal, The Deadites weekly Audio Podcast, Trick or Treat Radio has been garnering rave reviews and has hosted some intense, passionate discussions and enlightening interviews. The show has been described as one part Howard Stern, one part Nerdist and one part improvisational radio drama. Each and every week, The Deadites release a new episode with varied and interesting content including, but not limited to: film reviews (with a focus on genre and horror cinema), music and songwriting discussions, nerd news and recaps of The Deadites adventures as they attempt to keep the world safe from monsters. The show regularly features interviews with celebrities that span the spectrum of pop culture from NY Times Best Selling Authors to Filmmakers to Musicians to Actors to Comic Book Creators and even Professional Wrestlers. An incredible conversation with New York Times best-selling fantasy author RA Salvatore is especially of note. Recently, Trick or Treat Radio began recording their show live via Google Hangouts while being simulcast on their YouTube channel. Every Wednesday evening you can participate in the show while watching a live video feed of the in-studio shenanigans. If you can’t tune in for the live show,  the episodes are released to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and the Trick or Treat Radio website every Friday morning. (www.trickortreatradio.com)

Also on The Deadites YouTube account you will find their Video Podcast show, The Cryptocast. The comedy/monster hunting/review show is currently in hiatus waiting for its fall season to begin, but in the meantime, there is plenty to dig into over the nearly 50 episodes available on the YouTube channel! (http://www.youtube.com/thedeaditestv)

All of this content should get you sufficiently excited for The Deadites 17th Annual Halloween Extravaganza at the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA on October 26th. A lot of hard work and effort goes into putting on the best possible party of the year. Please come share in the fun, debauchery, music, dancing, booze, and mayhem and learn to party like a Deadite.

About The Deadites

The Deadites are the preeminent monster hunting/slaying team east of the Mississippi, north of the Mason Dixon line and west of the western coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, but south of the Mei Lee Garden Chinese Food Restaurant on 381 Madison Avenue in Skowhegan, Maine. Also, we write some of the best electronic dance music in the world.