The Deadites Holiday Treasure Trove!

Throughout the month of December, we will be showing our appreciation for our listeners by offering up some awesome loot for you all to get your hands on! Each week, we will select one listener for our weekly prize. In addition to the weekly prize, we have others ways to win awesome stuff! In order to be entered to win, you must interact with the show in one of the following ways:

  • iTunes review - The thing that makes Dynamo the most excited is receiving 5-star reviews on iTunes. We won't know if you post a 5-star review if you just click the stars, so please leave us a few kind words in addition. If you do this, use one of the other contact methods to let us know that you left it. This method is a sure fire way to move to the front of the line of prize winners.
  • Post on our Facebook group - So, we have this new fangled Facebook group which is named Trick or Treat Radio, coincidentally enough. Go there and post something relevant to the show, whether it be a picture or a rant or call out Michael Ravenshadow for being such a dork.
  • Leave us a voicemail - Comment about something we talked about on our show, take exception to our reviews or or tell us how awesome we are (Dynamo likes when his ego is stroked). To leave a voicemail, just click the "send voicemail" button located on the right hand side of our site. Try to keep the messages under two minutes.
  • Send us an email - As noted above, talk about a topic on our show, tell us we're terrible or awesome. You can mail us at or alternatively, you can just click that fancy "contact" button at the top of our webpage. 
  • Tweet us - Even more than getting his ego stroked, Dynamo loves when you tweet at us! It's like eating a lasagna with no pants on. So go ahead and tweet us something relevant or non-relevant to the show @thedeadites
  • Super Duper Prize - We have some very special prizes for those of our listeners that are able to convince 10 of their friends to give us 5 star reviews. They just need to mention that you referred them in their review. You could be a guest on Trick or Treat Radio, pick the movies we review for an entire month, or receive a prize pack that will include all of the non-unique items in the trove, plus some special extras thrown in.

It's that simple, utilize one of the above methods to interact with the show and you could win loot. How could you possibly pass this opportunity up? See the images below for a listing of prizes. Some prizes only have a quantity of one and once they're gone, they're gone. Winners will be able to pick their prize, for as long as there are options available. Once December is over, we will close the Deadites Treasure Trove until such a time that we decide to open it again. Best of luck, listeners and we look forward to your messages/communication/reviews!


The Deadites